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Glasses that will make you sweat

Credit - Minimis Technologies

It seems to be every day that we hear about a new AR/VR product, but this one is very exciting for you fitness fanatics.

Minimis Glass just released the world's first standalone smart glasses that can display statistics and maps. These futuristic glasses use a transparent display that overlays the real world with real-time performance and fitness data, such as time, speed, distance, power, and heart rate. They also have a built-in navigation system that can be used to navigate without looking at a phone or other device.

What really separated Minimis is the standalone part, this means there is no need for a smartphone or other tech to be with you whilst using them - the computing software in the glasses is enough!

Minimis Glasses are designed for athletes and cyclists due to the statistics features, however this does not mean it is limited to the more active amongst us, they could also be used by other people who want to stay connected and informed whilst on the go. Minimis Glass are a significant development in the world of smart glasses. They offer a number of features that were not previously available in standalone glasses, and they are likely to appeal to a wide range of users.

Minimis Glass are still in development, but they will be a powerful tool for athletes and techies alike, and they are sure to be a popular choice for the fitness industry that has always been keen to embrace technology. They are expected to be available in early 2023.


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