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The highstreet finisher

Highstreet shopping is taking a beating after beating, the rise of online shopping posed a real threat to its survival, and then Covid-19 accelerated the move to online shopping even further. Well, Augmented Reality (AR) could be the finishing move to finally kill the high street for good.

Many people still prefer high street shopping, mainly because they want to try the clothing or accessories on before buying. When shopping online you never truly know whether the item fits your physique, or suits you, until they have the item in their hands. The ability to easily try many different items drags people out of their homes and onto the streets.

However, with AR technology improving significantly, you will soon be able to try all types of clothes on at home. Only this morning I was trying on different sunglasses with the camera on my phone in preparation for my holiday. Whilst I appreciate trying on sunglasses is a lot easier than seeing if a shirt will fit you well, this is a sign of what is to come as technology advances.

Look, no one actually wants the end of the high street, but this is a peep into the clever uses of AR technology, and how it can be leveraged to help consumers and retailers alike. Why don’t you give it a go by clicking on this link to Prada and clicking 'Try it on'.

Let us know if you see AR playing a role in the future of retail?


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