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The Metaverse

The Metaverse was a term coined by Neil Stevenson in his 1982 novel, Snow Crash. His version of the metaverse was a virtual world where characters would go to escape a dreary totalitarian reality. Fast forward 40 years, and his vision is coming to life, although its up for debate whether we live in a dreary totalitarian reality.

The Metaverse today is a digitally enhanced virtual 3D world, which is experienced through technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. There are currently multiple different Metaverse's developing their world and technology to try and establish themselves as the leading alternate virtual universe. Who will win? We don't know, there is probably room for a few different universes that provide differing things. Facebook's 'Meta' is the likely contender.


It is a new age of social, business, and consumer technology that will allow users to socialise, interact, and collaborate online. Although this may seem alien, the metaverse is already attracting businesses and users similar to that when the web was first introduced. But as Accenture has said, “Over the next decade, we will witness a complete transformation of nearly every environment in which companies do business.” Is your business ready for this transformation, and are you ready to enter the Metaverse?

However, the use case which seems less alien is the social interaction, meeting up with friends, attending concerts, going to a bar, visiting a studio, shopping, the list goes on, everything you can imagine doing in the real world will in the not too distant future be accessible in the Metaverse. Undoubtedly, the corporations and eagle-eyed entrepreneurs will monetise everything possible in the Metaverse, so what's stopping you doing the same? People who get out ahead of the rest and embrace the change will make their mark on the digital future and the future will be bright.

Are you doing enough to embrace the opportunity? Get in touch to learn how we can help bring you and your brand to life in the Metaverse.


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