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Web3 - The enigma explained

Web 3 will be a complete revolution of how we use the internet, our digital identity, and how we interact with others. It will be much more immersive, with increased hours spent online. This will be made possible by the Metaverse and the decentralisation of the internet.

Web 3 is an open-source platform that encourages rapid innovation and allows increased trust. The platform is powered by code that anybody can contribute to, fork, or copy. Web 3 will reward contributors to open-source technology so we can all benefit. The ability to be paid directly for their time and energy via crypto finance overcomes one of the largest obstacles for people to contribute to open-source projects.


It is the process of distributing power away from a central authority. In the context of cryptocurrency, this means that there is no central authority controlling the currency. Instead, it is a network of computers that maintain and store data, and users retain control over their own data. This is a huge shift from the way things are currently done and will have a huge impact on the way the Internet operates. Decentralisation will cause a paradigm shift in how the "WWW" operates, and will also radically change the nature of global interactions, banking, and information sharing.

Social connectivity:

The internet has connected people across the globe like never before. In the future, this trend will continue, with even more innovative ways of connecting and communicating. The Metaverse is one example of this, and it will undoubtedly play a large role in all of our lives.

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