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AI is now widely accessible - are you making use of the leading-edge technology?

Have you noticed the recent boom in the use of AI and the ease of accessibility? There has been a considerable increase in using AI for language text generation and image creation in particular - mostly due to public release. Although AI's capabilities range far beyond these 2 use cases, they are the main ones that everyone can understand, benefit from, and importantly the ones that everyone can easily access. Below are some of the most popular AI tools for different functions (created by - Bojan Tunguz @tunguz)

The AI that is the most popular and is being widely used across multiple different softwares is OpenAI. You can access OpenAI directly with this link. The main way that we at WaM use openAI is for Dalle.2 and the playground tool.

The playground tool can be used for numerous language and text based tasks. Essentially you can ask the AI anything, and it will give you a written response. We have found this particularly useful for many things, mainly for marketing. We ask the AI to write an article about a particular topic, and then it gives a responses based on its prior learnings whilst reading the internet - therefore its responses are well-informed and written coherently. We are not suggested that it is yet better than a human (maybe better than some), but it is certainly helpful to produce a quick article which you can then use as a base to build from, or to simply generate ideas.

The AI is also useful for writing emails, making summaries of larger text summaries, expanding your content, ideas, or writing code. You can ever write stories, poems, books, movies, and music.

Dalle.2 is a super interesting tool - it creates images based on prompts that you give the AI. This is not only a fun and entertaining tool, if you have the right know-how, you can actually use it to create valuable assets. Organisations have created their logos with it for example. To be honest, we mostly use it for fun, and to generate images that we cannot find anywhere else on the internet (look at some of our examples below).

If you want to see some of the amusing ways Dalle.2 has been used, check out this Twitter page - (Viewer discretion advised)

Be sure to check out the impressive AI - and please send us any cool or interesting images or text that you make.


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