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Beyond the Frame: How Smart AR Glasses are Changing the Game

The idea of smart glasses was once science fiction, but now most major tech companies have announced their skin in the game. The internet let people access a world of information with their fingertips, smart glasses are now bringing it straight to people’s eyes.

Who are the big players?

The usual culprits have all announced some version of augmented reality glasses. The main ones are the Apple Vision Pro, an Array of Meta products, Microsoft and Google. They have all seemingly entered a sort of arms race to become the company that achieves mass adoption but in reality, most of these glasses have differing use cases.

Due to competition between the large US tech companies, and also from cheaper alternatives in Asia this space is going to evolve fast. We are looking forward to seeing if we will get the levels described in sci-fi anytime soon.


Smart glasses will be mass adopted in the near future, because they will reshape how we interact with technology and our environment, offering both convenience and enhanced capabilities.

  1. Enhanced Information Access: Smart glasses provide real-time information directly into the user's field of view, enabling instant access to data, notifications, and other contextually relevant content.

  2. Hands-Free Operation: They allow users to engage with digital content and perform tasks without using their hands.

  3. Improved Navigation: Equipped with GPS and AR capabilities, smart glasses can provide real-time navigation cues, highlighting routes and points of interest directly in the user's line of sight.

  4. Personalised Experience: With the integration of AI and sensors, smart glasses can tailor the displayed information to the user's preferences, habits, and surroundings, offering a customized and efficient user experience.

Some are rightfully sceptical, especially as the idea of the metaverse died a fairly quick death due to people not being ready to go full Matrix yet. However, unlike VR, smart glasses enhance the real world and don't transport you into another and therefore users can interact with them without the need to ‘plug in’. Both VR and AR will have their place in the future, however, AR is something we envisage people using daily.

We recently built a tool for Cognizant that ran on the Magic Leap smart glasses. Check out our case study here.

We are helping clients understand how they can use this emerging technology for both internal comms and training, as well as looking outwards as a marketing tool - get in touch for a free consultation where we can demonstrate the possibilities.


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