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Celebrating women in tech

There is no point sugarcoating the facts, the tech industry is unfortunately male-dominated, with women significantly underrepresented in technical roles. According to research from, just 28% of tech roles are filled by women. Over the last 2 years, participation has actually declined. Women are less likely to study a STEM subject at university, and even less likely to start a tech career in a male dominated industry.

But it's important not to let these dismal statistics disempower us. Despite the hurdles, women have managed to be highly influential in this industry and will be even more so in the future. Today is a day to celebrate these women and their influence, and also to encourage more people to join the industry.

Here are just a few of the many notable and pioneering women who have driven tech forwards:

The amazing achievements of the above women are important to celebrate, as we hope it encourages and inspires more women to follow in their footsteps and pursue careers in tech. This can help to address the gender imbalance and create a more diverse and inclusive tech workforce.

These are just a few examples of the many achievements of women in tech. Women have made significant contributions to the development of computer technology, software engineering, mathematics, and other fields, and their work has helped to shape the modern world.

International Women's Day provides an opportunity to highlight the barriers they face, and importantly to encourage the tech industry to take steps to address the issues that might discourage the broadest possible participation.

AnitaB is a global non-profit founded by computer scientists Anita Borg and Telle Whitney with the goal of helping to make the tech industry mirror the society it creates impact in. You can find out more about their work for individuals and organisations here


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