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Cryptos and NFTs can save lives!

No really, they can, and they are.

Most people’s opinion of cryptocurrencies is usually in relation to 'making gains' or taking off to the ‘moon’. Whilst undoubtedly this is why most people are getting involved in the hype and buying cryptos, but did you consider how they can be used for good?

Charities are embracing the changing financial landscape and the world of crypto, and many are now accepting donations in the form of crypto-currencies. This isn’t just a fad for some obscure charities, some household names are included in this, like UNICEF, the RNLI, and save the children.

Whilst we cannot advise whether buying cryptos will be good for your wallet, they certainly can be good for the world. This is an interesting shift in the way that people view crypto use cases, and is also cool as they can be completely anonymous and can be sent around the world without restriction.

So maybe next time when you have made a wise crypto investment or reached the elusive moon, you could send some over to a deserving charity

However, there are inventive ways that charities can push this further, such as rewarding crypto donators with an NFT for their troubles. This is really interesting as it could improve engagement from wider communities, and is an inventive way to fundraise for a campaign that separates them from the rest. For example, charities could create a cool art collection that champions their cause, and then sell them as a fundraising token, such as a turtle NFT which helps save the turtles. There are so many exciting possibilities.

Are you a charity looking to do the same? Let’s talk.


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