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Why you MUST audit your smart contracts.

'Do Kwon' ring any bells? Terra (Luna) is a prime example of why you must take the necessary precautions when publishing any smart contract onto the blockchain - things can go very wrong, very fast. The Luna saga triggered losses of nearly $200 billion.

Many smart contracts have vulnerabilities in them that will be exploited, so it is vital to have a full audit of contracts before they go public, otherwise considerable value may be lost by many different people.

One thing we have noticed in the Web3 community is a lack of emphasis and talk on security. People are more than happy to talk about the big value-generating innovative projects that they are working on - but the less sexy security is overlooked. Not giving enough time to security can prove devastating, and with new technology comes vulnerabilities that people had not yet realised. So we think that security should be near the top of the agenda with all things Web3.

If you need advice on the best way to ensure your projects are secure, then please do get in touch. We offer services in both QA and security testing for all Web3 projects.


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