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ENGAGE - The Metaverse for professionals

ENGAGE considers itself 'The professional VR platform for leading Fortune 500 companies globally'. Now that is a large statement, and does it really live up to its promise? Last week it released a "fully featured corporate metaverse" - 'Link'.

ENGAGE and Link offers both enterprise and training hubs, alongside a variety of other features in its 'metaworld'. Meta (Facebook) has made progress with their own business-related VR workspace, 'Horizon Workrooms', however, Link's focus on training as well puts them in a slightly different space. The platform offers immersive learning, virtual meetings, and collaboration in a VR setting.


  1. The ability to ENGAGE with and educate people from across the globe in a far more interactive way than video calls and online chats. I think a lot of us are tired of endless video calls and online messaging platforms, it is important to remain engaged particularly when you are training and need to learn as much information as possible. Geographical limitations will be broken down, and make the disadvantages of working or training in another country far less damaging.

  2. ENGAGE says that the VR training and experience can be specialised with your own simulations and 'powerful' immersive content tools, the ability to tailor it to your organisations' needs is vital. It can therefore bring work, collaboration, and training to life, this will again improve engagement, learning retention, and interaction.

  3. They claim VR training and experiences can be created in minutes, the tools are easy to use, and require no technical expertise. This obviously makes the technology very accessible for users.


  1. VR, in general, can be very costly, although the subscription price itself will not exactly break the bank for most, once you start to specialise, the costs will add up, not to mention the cost of buying VR headsets for your whole team.

  2. This type of engagement and learning does not suit everyone. Many prefer real-life interaction and gain more value from traditional engagement and learning methods. Also, many would initially find the virtual element gimmicky and distracting.

  3. Is it better than real life? To put it plainly, no. The technology isn't quite there yet to replace our traditional methods.

However, Link as it stands is not a replacement, but a supplement, and a cool one. In the future, as the technology develops, it could be a major player in the war of the different Metaverse worlds, will it win? Who knows, but it will be interesting to find out.

We certainly will be building a space in the Link world, we hope to meet you there one day. If you want to talk sooner than that, we can always use the boring traditional methods...


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