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NFT-based loyalty schemes

Companies are starting to jump on the Web 3 hype, and NFT-based loyalty schemes are gaining traction.

Some big names who have entered the game are Starbucks and Budweiser - although they are yet to say their exact strategy this is an interesting and potentially game-changing development in the NFT space.

Starbucks has traditionally been ahead of the rest when it comes to implementing new technology, such as phone pay, so if history repeats itself, this could be a trend which is taken up by a lot of large organisations.

Whether companies are using NFTs just for publicity and attention, or if they are genuinely looking to utilise blockchain technology to improve loyalty schemes, such big names entering the game can only be a good thing.

Not everyone has the power of Starbucks, but that doesn't mean you should be deterred from getting involved, in fact you should be encouraged as you have the opportunity to enter a soon to be booming market early.

Some typical use cases for NFT-based loyalty schemes include:

  • Programmable features attached to the NFT - resale royalties is the main one

  • Exclusive membership - Access to discounts, drops, queue skips, events, communities etc.

  • Resale value for the owner - The loyalty NFT can be sold for value (maybe)

  • Freebies

  • Collecting - E.g. completing a set of these NFTs could incur some reward

Do you want to be a trailblazer? Enter the NFT game and see where it takes you. Get in touch for a free ideation session.

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