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Seeing further with Cognizant

The client: Cognizant, a global professional services leader

The brief: demonstrate the power of enterprise augmented reality to the thousands of attendees at TMForum in Copenhagen with an immersive F1 car experience

The deadline: 1.5 weeks from kick-off

How it started

Sparking from a conversation with Cognizant's lead on innovation, AI and machine-learning we realised that we could help Cognizant demonstrate the power of enterprise augmented reality at an upcoming conference.

With global reach and clients in every industry, Cognizant engineers modern businesses by transforming processes and experiences with technology. Because of this, the Cognizant team are constantly looking at new technologies and tools. One such tool is the Magic Leap - one of the most highly-rated enterprise augmented reality glasses currently available.

Magic Leap 2 enterprise AR device
The Magic Leap 2 enterprise AR device

The result

At their stand at TMForum in Copenhagen, Cognizant gave visitors insights into their latest work in machine learning, computer vision and more. With a pair of the hard-to-find Magic Leaps on hand, they also demonstrated to visitors what enterprise AR feels like. What better way to showcase its power than an immersive version of the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 car from this year's season.

We rapidly built this experience with an optimised 3D version of the car. The experience allowed visitors to walk around and interact with a digital version of the car in the mixed-reality experience which let them view the car in the real world at the conference, they could also listen to the engine and interact with a semi-transparent version of the car.

The immersive experience loading screen

Looking beyond conferences

This is just one fun and straightforward illustration of the power of augmented reality to grab attention and spark further conversations. But augmented reality also has real utility in the workplace, especially when using powerful devices like the Magic Leap.

From healthcare and education to manufacturing, design and leadership, augmented reality glasses are opening up new possibilities for collaboration, training, remote assistance and productivity that simply weren't possible 5 years ago.

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