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Socialising will never be the same...

Remember when you had to send emails, pay extortionate rates for international calls, or even actually go outside and visit people??!! Well, things are a lot different today, with instant messaging, video calls, wireless interactions, and of course we still enjoy going outside. Whether you think that this was for the better or not, technology has undoubtedly completely changed the way people socialise and interact with each other. This trend will continue as Web 3 technology continues to develop.

Changes in social activity will likely be the most tangible and significant change we will experience from the continued development of Web 3. Information and content will be far more connective, far-reaching, and accessible to people across the globe in highly interactive environments. The methods of connecting and communicating with those across the globe will constantly innovate, making current social media platforms and online collaboration tools look historic. This is true both recreationally and with your job.

The Metaverse is the most prominent example of this, and this will inevitably play a large role in the future of all of our lives. Many will favour doing all that you can currently do in person from the confines of their own sofa. However, for most this will be a supplement to their everyday lives. In the early days of social media, not many envisioned that they would spend multiple hours each day scrolling! We are currently at that stage with Metaverse and other Web 3 technology, and once we realise its capabilities we will likely spend a much larger proportion of our time using it than we imagine right now.

Now, we aren't trying to pretend that the future will consist only of virtual worlds (even though we may already be in one?), and hopefully, we don't end up in a technological dystopia. But make no mistake, new technology will alter the way you socialise whether you like it or not.


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