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Solidity Developers - The brains behind the tokens.

Solidity is a programming language, and it was originally developed by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Woods. A Solidity Developer is therefore someone who writes code in the Solidity programming language. Solidity has a specific purpose in the crypto space, it is used to build and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and ecosystem. Therefore it is an essential framework/building block for not only Ethereum, but the thousands of applications, tokens, and NFTs that rely on the Ethereum blockchain.

Solidity has multiple functions, most notably:

  • Creation of dApps - Decentralised applications, which are increasingly prominent.

  • Smart Contracts - Developers utilise Solidity to build different smart contracts according to the specific use cases. For example, NFT minting often relies on smart contracts written in Solidity.

  • Initial Coin Offerings - Solidity is used to create tokens on blockchains, most notably the Ethereum blockchain ERC20 tokens and NFTs.

Required skills

This may seem obvious, but an understanding of the Ethereum blockchain is required, you should understand the framework, the use cases, and its underlying workings. As part of this, you must understand the blockchain. It is also probably advantageous to know other programming languages before you embark on Solidity, although not essential, it will definitely aid your development as a Solidity developer.

Although not a skill per se, but a motivation, it is pertinent that you are dedicated to contributing to and furthering the Web3 space. Web3 is a movement, and getting behind it will place you well for the future; a voracious desire to learn more about all of its associated technologies is crucial, this is a constantly developing idea so you must be prepared to pivot and learn to stay at the forefront of Web3.

Now for skills that demonstrate your ability to develop using Solidity. Having actually worked on blockchain platforms on any sort of project is useful, clearly, this will take time, but to demonstrate yourself as a Solidity dev, you must have actually walked the walk.


Experience in the practical application of Solidity on a project’s smart contracts is particularly important, whether it be architecture or development. Smart contracts play an integral role in much of the Web3 space, and therefore Solidity developer’s role is undeniably at the heart of the movement. Solidity developers will more generally undertake a variety of blockchain projects on a variety of blockchains.

Ultimately, Solidity developers are a vital organ of the wider Web3 and crypto body. Solidity developers are in increasingly high demand and if you, like us, believe that the future is Web3, then it is clear that developers in this space will have ample opportunities. There is a scarcity of Solidity talent, so be early, and don't be left behind.


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